Fashion can be a little scary to me. I mean, I try to not  look like a total freak, but sometimes dressing myself is hard. I feel like I don’t really know what I’m doing. My style is very, well, let’s say relaxed, and I’ll admit, a little bit boring. Lots of jeans & T-shirts.  I can get in a rut wearing the same type of thing all the time. But I do really love-- love!!-- to dress up for special occasions. & I’ve got one coming up! Fashion's Night Out is September 6th. & While I'm so excited about an awesome night out with my friends & shopping... I'm also stressed about what to wear. I start to breathe a little bit when I find out that someone will be helping me. Thank you, Lee & Birch!

As I  head to my fitting at Lee & Birch on Fulton and Ionia, I’m not gonna lie, I have a moment. I get a little self conscious about what I’m wearing-- is it cool enough? Will I look like a fashion flunkie? Should I have worn heels? I mean, I’ve seen enough America’s Next Top Model to know that’s what models wear on their “go sees“ and whatnot… But I’m not a model. I’m a normal girl, who’s a bit fashion-challenged. I decide it’s better to be giving them a blank canvas, let them know what they’re really working with here. Still I try not to flop my flip-flops around too much as I enter the boutique.

As soon as I walk in, I see that as usual I was worrying about nothing and being too hard on myself. Kristin, the style coordinator greets me warmly, with absolutely zero judgment on her face. Phew! I meet Nikki, the owner, as well and Rochelle, the general manager.

I love that right away they ask me about what I like to wear, so they won't be putting me in anything uncomfortable. This is where I tell them that I have no idea what I’m doing and I’d be totally fine with them picking out and putting together looks. They get right to it!

As they’re browsing the racks, I get a chance to check things out. I’m immediately drawn to the jewelry. I love giant rings, bangle bracelets, and chunky necklaces-- and they’ve got tons!


A beautiful tree-like structure stands in the middle of the store, displaying some amazing pieces. A jewelry tree? Yes, please!


I also spot some giant colorful purses I can definitely see myself carrying.


Then I notice a giant table full of jeans. Yes! Also my thing! Hmmm, so maybe this fashion stuff isn’t so scary. I mean, I can see myself wearing a ton of stuff in here. It might be time to step out of my comfort zone of the same old T-shirts everyday and try something new, like this great blue striped sweater that catches my eye.

The ladies of Lee & Birch bring me several dresses to try. The first one is super-cute, a black wrap-around type of deal. I like it, but I don’t love it, you know? They encourage me to keep on going. When I’m back in the dressing room, I see it-- the dress I want! It’s black too, but has short sleeves and a v-neck. When I step out, I know it’s the one! My team agrees, “Yep, that’s definitely in first place,” says Nikki. I try on the rest, but we decide to go with that dress. Kristin says “I know that’s the one, because you look so happy wearing it!”

Then we move on to my favorite part-- accessorizing! Nikki helps me pick out a fabulous chunky purple and gray necklace. Gold stretchy bracelets finish the look.


As I check myself, I can’t help grinning. Kristin was right, I am happy! I look good and even better, I feel good-- I don’t feel insecure or stressed.

After the fitting at Lee & Birch and help from their amazing team, I’m realizing fashion doesn't have to be so intimidating.  It's not about being and expert and knowing everything, it's about trying new things and feeling good about what you're wearing. I'm looking forward to Fashion's Night Out September 6th to keep expanding my fashion horizons, and of course,  have a fabulous time!

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