Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber haven taken over for the cast of ‘Glee‘ in this year’s Fashion’s Night Out commercial and promo campaign. In its fourth year, FNO is an annual event that celebrates all things fashion.

This year it takes place on Thursday, Sept. 6 and these two young, talented, good-looking and fashionable friends each espouse the virtues of the event in this black and white commercial. They never appear on screen together, though!

Swift reveals that stores all over New York City and the world will be staying open late, while The Biebs points out that musicians, designers and models will be out and about as part of the festivities and asks, with a sheepish grin, “Who doesn’t want to meet models?” Oh, Biebs! The question is who doesn’t want to meet you!

Swift also shares that the one-of-a-kind FNO tee that they both are wearing in the commercial benefits the NYC AIDS fund, so it’s not just about looking good. It’s about doing good.

You should totally come, since Swift invited you! The Biebs will be there hanging out, too. If that’s not enough to get you on the town for FNO, nothing else will.

FNO is a big night for editors, celebs, fashion plates and more. They flood stores in cities across the country and around the world for fashion’s most iconic extravaganza. FNO boasts special limited-edition products, celebrity appearances and memorable performances, FNO 2012 is going to be huge!

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