Friday, April 23rd is National Lost Pet Awareness Day. According to National Day Calendar, this is to take preventative steps to help your pet shall they ever go missing. One of those steps is getting your dog or cat microchipped.

If an animal ever gets loose and is found and turned to a shelter or vet, the first thing they're going to do is check for a microchip to see if the animal belongs to anyone. If you have a cat or dog that isn't microchipped, the Humane Society of West Michigan is holding a Microchip Special this Friday. For only $10 each you can get all of your family pets microchipped. It will be a walk-up clinic between 3p and 5p at the shelter located at 3077 Wilson Dr. NW.

Marketing & Communications Director for HSWM says that the main reason people don't get their pets microchipped is because of cost. On average, it costs anywhere from $40-$50.

However, one of the bonuses of adopting from the Humane Society of West Michigan is that your new pet will already be microchipped, along with spayed/neutered and up-to-date on their vaccines. If you are looking to adopt you can see all the adoptable animals right now at the shelter.

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Are you a cat lover? Meet 1-year-old Benny Button. She's an adorable creamsicle-colored cat who has been at the humane society for over four months. She's described as the "perfect companion" because of her quirky personality and love of attention.

Humane Society of West Michigan
Humane Society of West Michigan

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