A Brazillian goverment agency wants a Gisele Bündchen TV ad pulled for being "sexist". Maybe I'm so used to seeing half-naked women on TV that it doesn't really phase me. I'm like, duh, of course it's sexist-  most bikini, lingerie (and for that matter, feminine hygenie product) commercials are. Also, the ad not being in English didn't really help me out.

E! Online breaks down what's going on:

The Hope ad first shows Bündchen dressed in a sophisticated sheath and then—poof!—she's in her bra and undies telling her hubby that she crashed the car and exceeded her credit card limit.

The Brazilian lingerie maker wanted to show that a "Brazilian woman's sensuality is her best protection when delivering bad news."

The Women's Rights Secretariat said in a statement today that it has asked the National Advertising Council to suspend the ad, saying it reinforces stereotypes of women as sex objects.

What do you think? Super-offensive, or have you seen worse?