One of the biggest complaints every year at ArtPrize is that there isn't enough time to see the entries before the first round is over.  People want to see more art.  This is a great problem to have, but it is still a problem.

There's no doubt that fans of ArtPrize would love the opportunity to have more time to view entries before the finalists are selected.  But adding another week or weekend to ArtPrize could have consequences.

Many out-of-town artists struggle to make it to ArtPrize already.  Travel and lodging can be financially draining.  Adding another week might keep some artists out of the competition.  Of course, they could choose to enter their piece then leave, but many wouldn't.

More days would also require more volunteers and a bigger commitment from venues.  Bars and restaurants would welcome the added time with the people and money it would bring in, but many venues have trouble staying open for the hours ArtPrize has now.  Would another week be too much for them?

Extending ArtPrize could result in losing some artists and venues, but I think the positives outweigh the negatives.  The more time voters have to view art in round one, the better the top ten will theory.  Even more so, ArtPrize has always been about "the conversation".  If people are begging to see more art to talk about, shouldn't ArtPrize give the people what they want?

Rest assured, extending ArtPrize is being considered by ArtPrize officials.

ArtPrize tweeted in response to those who want more time to see more entries:

We are listening, this is something we discuss.  ArtPrize is an ever evolving event. Be sure this is something we think about.

We'll see what 2012 brings, but for now let's just enjoy ArtPrize.  The top ten and the other 1,572 too.