A new Cadillac drone automobile that can hover and fly was introduced to the public Wednesday, but until I can buy one, I'm not happy.

In 1969, I was ten years old when Neil Armstrong put that first step on the moon, and at the time I can remember thinking, "Great! By the time I'm 50, we'll have flying cars and live like the Jetsons!"

It never happened.

Every year, some company would parade out a flying car, but when it came to the average Jojo being able to buy one, it hasn't happened.

This week General Motors rolled out a video at the CES in Las Vegas. The video showed off their new Cadillac drone car. It is the most Jetsons looking flying car to date, but it's still not on the market, so who cares?

Time is ticking out on me, GM! Either let me fly the drone car, or keep your videos to yourself!


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