We're ALWAYS told to NEVER go to work sick. Yet, the VAST majority of us do. Why?

So, you wake up with a horrible cold or the flu. You feel like you're on the verge of death but you still manage to shower, primp and make it to work. But once you're there everyone tells you that you should be at home. Why didn't you just stay there?

Well about 30% of us think that the world would end if we didn't make it to work. Like, we're essential to the job.

Another 18% of workers think they have too much work to do and they can't afford to miss a day.

Another 15% say they just don't have sick days. So, they need the cash.

ONLY 12% think they will be viewed as a SLACKER!

11% are saving their sick days for when their KIDS get sick.

And 8% of people are afraid of being FIRED.