Kevin Curwick is a senior at Osseo High School in Osseo, MN. He’s also the captain of the school’s football team — which makes him an unlikely candidate for cyberbullying.

But Curwick has seen many of his friends and classmates suffer from internet bullies over the years, and he decided to combat this abusive online behavior by setting up the Twitter account ‘Osseo Nice Things,‘ which highlights all the good things about individual students at his high school.

“I wasn’t personally attacked but it just hit me the wrong way, these were coming out about my friends,” Curwick explained. “I want them to feel welcomed, be happy about what they are and what they contribute to Osseo.”

For a while, Curwick ran the site anonymously. But as it accumulated more and more followers he decided to out himself as its proprietor.

As testament to the site’s success, similar “nice” Twitter feeds have popped up at other high schools in the Minneapolis-area since Curwick’s started to garner attention. Check out some of Curwick’s unique nice tweets here.

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