We pay higher gas prices, higher insurance rates to drive, so it only makes sense we should also be able to drive faster, right?!

Thursday, Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation that will allow the transportation department to raise the speed limit to 75 mp on about 600 miles of freeways and 65 mph on 900 miles of rural highways.

They first have to do safety studies to make sure raising the speed limits are safe, but if it comes back that the higher speeds are OK, we could see the limits changing within the year.

“Ensuring that all Michiganders are safe while operating vehicles on our state's roadways is critically important, and these bills allow for appropriately increased speed limits on certain roadways after safety studies are conducted.”


Officials say the new speed limits are no more than what 15 percent of the drivers are already driving when on Michigan roadways.

source: MLive, WOODTV

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