It's been a tumultuous political season across the country this year, and many have been speaking out for or against candidates for months. Recently, a Grand Rapids restaurateur sparked interest due to some signs in front of his business (Fricano's Pizza on Alpine Ave.) and a Facebook posting in which he defended those signs.

But, not everyone with the last name "Fricano" feels the need to bring politics into the pizza business.

Derek Fricano took to Facebook on Wednesday to not so much weigh in on what other had been talking about, but to share what his grandfather, Tom (owner of Fricano's Pizza Tavern in Grand Haven, and Fricano's Too in Holland) had to say.

The restaurants have always embraced varied viewpoints, even when it comes to opinions about their own pizza, but the most important thing to the business has always been their customers' happiness.

Even though sometimes the pizzas take a little longer than you'd like or maybe they look 'burnt' on the edges -- we all care that you're happy. We really, really do. We want you to love that food. We think it's just the greatest thing that you would want to share your people with our people. We want your families and your first dates and your birthday parties to be happy and full of great memories that you carry with you for years. I know that's happened, because I've heard it from friends and great-uncles-in-law and even a call center worker at Consumers Power who was based in North Carolina (true story).

The Grand Haven and Holland Fricano's are choosing to stay neutral on the topic of politics and focus on the important things - good food and good service.

The Fricano family has owned and operated the Grand Haven and Holland locations for sixty-plus years.

You can read everything Derek Fricano had to say in the Facebook post below:

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