MLive compiled a list of the bars in Michigan that buy and sell and lot of alcohol each year, and Detroit dominates the entire list. Not a surprise, since you probably have to drink a lot to be able to live in Detroit, haha! But last year, one Grand Rapids business not only shows up in the top 20, but is number two in the state in alcohol sales!

Number one in the state for alcohol sales is a strip club in Dearborn, which is basically Detroit, right? Not surprising that a strip club sells a lot of booze, almost hitting $600,000 in sales last year! That's a LOT of alcohol.

Coming in second place, right here in Grand Rapids, the B.O.B. downtown broke half a million bucks in alcohol sales last year, and that was before the new venue opened up next door! With bars on all four floors of the building, there's a lot of different things going on inside the B.O.B. downtown, and we've all spent a night or two sampling beverages on different floors, I'm sure.

Other GR bars made the list, too, but below the top 20 line:

22 - Stella's
37 - Republic Cafe
38 - Grand Woods Lounge
49 - J. Gardella's Tavern
50 - Billy's

So many Detroit strip clubs made the list, which is what kept more businesses from everywhere else in the state from ranking higher.

Is there somewhere you spend more than your fair share of alcohol money that didn't make the list?

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