$13 million is disappointing?  Only in Hollywood.

'30 Minutes Or Less' opened Friday and finished the weekend with $13 million.  That's a lot of pizzas, but short of the $28 million that it cost to make the movie that was filmed in Grand Rapids.

'30 Minutes Or Less' had a special Grand Rapids premiere a couple of weeks ago.  This weekend the rest of the country had its first chance to see the movie.  It finished in fifth place overall, while making $13 million.

'30 Minutes Or Less' wasn't expected to be a huge blockbuster, still the opening is a bit disappointing.  No doubt, part of the reason is an overabundance of R-rated comedies in theaters this summer.  'The Hangover Part II' and 'The Change-Up' come to mind. 

I think I'll wait for the blu-ray on Netflix, assuming I don't cancel when the rates go up.

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