Kent County residents that are looking for food assistance will have a chance to grab around 50 pounds of food Thursday from Kent County Community Action, WZZM reports.

The food distribution will happen Thursday from 9 am to 1 pm at 121 Franklin St. SE and is for any qualifying Kent County resident that is suffering from food insecurities because of the pandemic. KCCA told WZZM they hope to be able to serve around 900 low-income families with 50-pound boxes filled with 20 different foods including pasta, canned vegetables, cheese, butter, soup, and meat.

Susan Cervantes, KCCA Director, told WZZM,

“This distribution is our way to respond to this crisis as it is our mission to alleviate the causes of poverty. This distribution is one of our scheduled quarterly distributions and we are pleased we can provide relief to families who are in need during this difficult time.”

They're not offering service to walk-ups on Thursday because of COVID-19, so if you're planning to take advantage of the food distribution, KCCA asks that your car be ready for 50-pounds of food and that you enter 121 Franklin St SE from Jefferson Street and stay in your car because of the pandemic.  If you need assistance and are unable to drive, you can call KCCA at 616-632-7950 to let them know you're in need of help, according to WZZM.

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