As we all know, West Michigan is home to some of the best craft beer breweries in the country.  But, what we probably didn't know is that we also pay less for our fantastic beer than almost every other city in the nation.

In a recent survey done by WalletHub on 2019's Most Fun Cities in America (Grand Rapids ranked 62nd out of 182), Grand Rapids showed up in a very interesting metric,  The average price of beer.

According to WalletHub, Grand Rapids has the 4th lowest beer prices in the United States.  These findings were based on the price of a 6-pack of Heineken as compared among the 182 largest cities in the country.

Cities With The Lowest Average Beer Prices

  1. Oklahoma City, OK
  2. Milwaukee, WI
  3. Madison, WI
  4. Grand Rapids, MI
  5. Detroit, MI

If you are someone who usually only buys craft beer, it might not seem like we have some of the cheapest prices in the country, but another study confirms its truth.

Simple Thrifty Living did their own survey specifically on which states had the cheapest beer prices in the country and Michigan ranked 5th in the nation.

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