Grand Rapids made another list, and this one shows promise!

In the article, Forbes highlights research from the Praxis Strategy Group, long story short, it lists US cities with the highest blue-collar wages. When we talk 'blue-collar' we're talking manufacturing, construction, wast handling, etc.

Grand Rapids came in 4th in the country! Here are the top 5:

  • Houston, with an average blue-collar wage of $102,726
  • Oklahoma City, $68,965
  • Detroit, $80,964
  • Grand Rapids, $66,157
  • Nashville, $64, 217
Here's what they had to say:

It’s more than an autos story in the region. Grand Rapids, which has a highly diverse manufacturing sector, including many furniture companies,  has increased industrial employment 16% since 2010, putting it fourth on our list. Other Rust Belt metro areas making a blue-collar comeback  are Louisville, Ky. (12th), Minneapolis (15th), Columbus, Ohio (18th), and Pittsburgh (19th).