Here’s something else we can be proud of, Grand Rapids ranks within the top 5 of “Safest College Towns in America”, according to SafeWise, an online publication for home safety and security news.

SafeWise analyzed the most recent FBI crime statistics for every city in America with at least one academic institution.  They looked at the total number of crimes committed in the city throughout the year in correlation to population stats.  They also looked for safety-related initiatives and programs in each college city to figure out the rankings of the "Safest College Towns in America".

After all the data was crunched, Grand Rapids ranked Number 3 on the list.  Which shouldn’t be a surprise since we’ve also been ranked number 1 on Forbes' list of the "Best Cities to Raise A Family" . As well as regular on SafeWise’s list of "Safest Cities in Michigan.

SafeWise summed up why our city is such a good, safe place, to call home for a semester or longer:

Grand Rapids has been recognized as one of the country’s best places to raise a family and a top spot for fun and recreation—plus it consistently makes our list of safest cities in Michigan. But with at least 15 colleges and universities and over 30,000 students, this safe college town is about more than fun and games. It’s not uncommon to find Grand Rapids police officers engaging with citizens in their neighborhoods, on the soccer field, or even as a birthday party surprise. On campus at area colleges like Grand Rapids Community College, campus police provide a number of services including personal escorts, disabled vehicle assistance, and emergency call boxes.

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