When Jason Hornor and his family are out and about, he often takes his son to the restroom when the little one needs a diaper change. He and his wife had watched some of their friends become less active once they started a family and were determined not to follow suit — but public restrooms aren't always nearby nor well equipped for diaper changes.

One day, Jason found himself trying to change a diaper in a little coffee shop bathroom. The bathroom had nothing but a pedestal sink and a toilet, so the baby was on the toilet seat lid, his head rolling to the side.

Jason figured there had to be a better way.

When he started researching portable solutions for parents, he found there really wasn't anything lightweight and convenient on the market. So he designed Little Kaboose's Toot & Tote Table.

The Toot & Tote Table folds small enough to fit in a standard diaper bag (18" x 4 " x 4") and comes with its own carry bag. It can be used anywhere you can sit or stand, and the cloth cover itself can be removed and tossed in the washer.

The parent neck support strap even has a large pad to make it comfortable if you're using it while standing. Another strap buckles around the adult's waist, and a chest strap keeps the child safely in place.

Even though it is small enough to fit inside a diaper bag, Jason often tosses wipes and a few diapers in the Toot & Tote Table's carry bag and leaves the bigger diaper bag behind.

“It’s been a little liberating to be able to toss it to the stroller and know we can be a mile away from anywhere and still be able to handle it," Jason said.

The Toot & Tote Table was weight-tested to 100 pounds, but Jason suggests a max weight of 30 pounds while standing. (There's virtually no weight limit for use while sitting.) It also was third-party tested for lead and flammability.

It's a 100 percent local operation: Jason spent hundreds of hours developing the design and making the tables. They are being stored in the Grand Rapids area, each one ready to be shipped to a family ready to embrace the flexibility it provides.

The young company recently announced some big news on Facebook:

Want one yourself? Order it online at littlekaboose.com!