They say the west side is the best side, and I have to agree.  Both in Michigan and in Grand Rapids. I may be biased as I do live on the west side of Grand Rapids, but The Mitten Brewing is helping highlight my love of this side of town.

Thursday evening, they posted to their Facebook page what it's like being a neighborhood brewer:

INDUSTRY SECRET: When brewing beer, 50% of your time is spent cleaning equipment, 30% moving the beer, 19% actually brewing it, and 1% catching escaped parrots for neighbors. #westside

If you stop in for a beer or pizza, there's definitely a story to be told; like how did a parrot escape?  How hard was it to grab off the roof?  Did they bribe the parrot with free food?? If I get stuck on a roof will they help me down?

Truth is, they probably would do the last one, but so would SO many of my neighbors, because the west side is truly the best side.


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