If you actually somehow eat all of these sandwiches in this short amount of time, you yourself deserve an award.

The 6th annual Grandwich competition officially kicked off on July 1st. This is where restaurants in Grand Rapids, and the surrounding areas, showcase a sandwich that's already on their menu or one they've created specially for this competition. This year there are 29 participating restaurants.

You've got anything from grilled cheeses, to burgers, and even an ice cream sandwich! You can take a look at all the descriptions/pictures (including prices) here so you know where to begin your sandwich adventure. While EVERYTHING sounds so tasty, the Berry Clucking Delicious sandwich at Grain Sandwich Shop might be my first stop.

Pulled chicken, smoked bacon, blueberry pesto, curry+dill aioli, baby spinach, served on Steenstra's cheddar bread.

Excuse me while I drool all over my keyboard.

Voting to the public ends on July 20th and the Top 10 will then be judged by a selected panel to determine the winner.

City Built Brewing Company took the title in 2018 for a flank steak served in between plantain buns.

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