Down in Roanoke, VA, Corbin Prydwen is on a personal quest to get rid of local prostitutes. He lives in a neighborhood that’s known as a hooker hub and sometimes finds that hanging out right on his own front lawn.

In what seems like a very serious effort to get rid of the prostitutes, he posted massive signs in his yard that read “No More Hookers!” At night, those signs are hit with bright lights to emphasize the message. We hate to break it to you Corbin, but putting a huge spotlight on your sign will probably just entice the ladies of the night even more.

While we understand it can be a little annoying to have a sex business set up shop next to your mailbox, we also have to play devil’s advocate here. The street walkers seem to be exercising innocent behavior during the day. Even Corbin says, ‘They love the day. Towards the afternoon, we’ll have anywhere between three and four prostitutes sitting under the trees here.’ There you go– they just want to relax. Instead of a sign, how about a nice bench?

Listen, we think you should just make friends with these ladies and quit the hostility. Next time they’re hanging out under the trees, whip them up some nice tuna sandwiches, and give them out as a peace offering. You never know when you’ll lose the angst and need their services.

That’s right, we’re talking about extra help with the lawn and landscape.

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