It's always fun to mess with your parents because, well, they're parents.

A video went viral over the weekend of a guy, named Jamie, who would randomly throw raw eggs at his mom when she least expects it.

Apparently, Jamie did this for an entire year but the video montage shows 13 different clips. However, the funny part of the video is of course the unsuspecting mother. Her reaction is the same almost every time. In a panic, she yells out "NO!" before using her super-fast reflexes to catch the egg. Out of the 13 throws shown, she only misses the egg once!

You can see the video below. But *WARNING* the mom does drop a couple F-bombs. Can you blame her though? A random egg is being tossed at her out of nowhere.

Being the clean freak my Mom is, if I ever did this to her, I would be beaten as opposed to the eggs.

How did you prank your parents OR how did your kids prank you?

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