Grand Valley State University reports they have set new enrollment records including: total enrollment, first-year students, minority students and those living on campus.

Total enrollment is 25,460, up from last year's enrollment of 25,325, with 4,380 being first-time students.

The record number of minority students is 4,315 (16.9%) up from 4,136 last year. The record number of students living on campus is 6,241.

"The numbers tell a story of commitment to excellence and opportunity at Grand Valley," said President Thomas J. Haas.

GVSU has students from every county in Michigan. More than 400 international students are enrolled. GVSU also reports that retention is up for freshman students who began last fall, and also for students who transferred to Grand Valley from community colleges.

Grand Valley colleges with the most growth include: business (5.6 percent), engineering (6.1 percent) and interdisciplinary and honors (10.6 percent).

85 percent of graduates stay in Michigan to start their careers and 94 percent of recent graduates are employed or attending graduate school.