Haunt the House: Terrortown is hitting PlayStation Mobile devices today! So keep an eye on your PlayStation Vita or PlayStation Android device, like the Xperia Play.

This charming little game is available today and looks a bit like Capcom's Ghost Trick, only ... cuter? You take control of a ghost and swirl around a town and its buildings full of people and miscellaneous objects. The goal is to scare all of these pesky beings away, since they're bothering you with all of their incessant living and such.

You can accomplish this by possessing inanimate objects, such as statues, lamps, and bottles, to make them act in a way that will spook nearby occupants. What's also cool is that this game started out its life (or lack thereof), as a Flash game a few years back.

If you'd like to give floating around and scaring people a try, check out the trailer below and find it on the PlayStation Network for $3.49!