Over the weekend of January 20th, Pizza Hut attempted to set a world record in honor of national pie day.

They made a pizza big enough to share 68,000 slices with people all over Los Angeles. However, let's be honest: It feels a little sketchy to eat a pizza big enough to fill an arena floor. I wont' be signing up to eat one the size of the floor at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, even if it is the name of the building.

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So, what is the biggest pizza you can get in the state of Michigan if you want to try your own version of this challenge?

Who has Michigan's largest Pizza?

Benny DiCarta's in Downtown Kalamazoo.

If you find yourself in downtown Kalamazoo, you have to try the slices at Benny DiCarta's. They're massive, inexpensive, and the best part: they come as a part of the largest pizza in America

Laura Hardy/TSM
Laura Hardy/TSM

While you can buy it by the slice, the full pizza at Benny's is a whopping 28" of gooey, cheesy, goodness. They've also made enjoying this pie into a challenge.

Think you can take the entire thing down by yourself? If you can complete it, you get $100, a shirt, and go on the wall of fame. If not, the pie is $35 and at least you'll have a few leftovers.

Honorable mentions:

Crazy 23 Pizza Challenge:

This 7 pound, 8 topping pizza come with a $37 price tag. But, if you can get it for free if you can take it down in 90 minutes or less.

While this thing is a whale, and the challenge has taken out more people than have finished, it's still not our leader.

The Massive 30-Inch Pizza From DiPiazza’s

Grand Rapids was once the home to the largest pizza on a menu in Michigan. Unfortunately, the restaurant went out of business in April 2021, so you can't order this massive 30-inch pie today.

DiPiazza's Pizza, Facebook
DiPiazza's Pizza, Facebook

Mallie's record breaking world's largest pizza delivery:

Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar, in Southgate was already locally known for their insanely large sundaes, two pound tacos, gallon margaritas and a record-breaking burger.

But back in 2018, they put together a record breaking 100 pound pizza for Valentine's Day that was so popular, they added it to the menu for a while. The pizza was 100 pounds with each slice being 4 inches by 4 inches. It was able to feed 100 to 150 people.

Did I miss one on my list? Let me know! Laura.Hardy@townsquaremedia.com

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