I am far from the first person ever to go through the stresses of having a baby and dealing with all the obstacles being a new parent throws at you, countless number of people go through it every year.  

However, that does not change the fact that this is more complicated than I thought.  I am not here to complain, but to just be a voice of a new parent or more specifically a new father.

I'm sure most parent's know about the experiences of the first year... doctor trips, sleepless nights, running to the store for late night runs for formula and diapers.


Sometimes you are happy others are not around when you are doing something, last night was one of those times. I was ASSIGNED the duty of assembling my daughers outsude toy for the spring...YAY! -sarcasm- This is not because I do not want to help my child have fun, it is because, well...They suck to put together.

Being a son of a single mother I have put many things together, way more than I care to count, so I consider myself an expert.  Until Now! What are these parts they gave me, where do they go, what are they for, what do they do?  I swear to you, the instructions had me screw in two screws that serve no purpose at all... NONE WHAT SO EVER!

OK, so maybe it was me complaining but I digress.  Can I just make this plea to all the toy manufactures out there? Please don't make being a parent any harder by making us put together impossible stuff. Heck, for the price of this stuff it should come with assembly.