A lot of people dream about having their own basement bar where they can invite friends and family over for a good time and enjoy some adult beverages.

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Now that dream of being an aspiring brewer could be a reality for someone if they bought this former West Michigan brewery that is for sale.

Closed Down Hideout Brewing Is Now For Sale

First things first, I've got to send a big shout-out to my drinking buddy Adam for sharing this listing with me. He sent it in a group chat asking the guys if anyone wanted to buy the closed-down Hideout Brewing.

We shared with you back in 2019 that Hideout Brewing Company was closing its doors.

Where Is Hideout Brewing Company Located?

The former brewery is located in Grand Rapids at 3113 Plaza Dr. NE

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

As someone who loves craft beer, this sounds like my dream home.

The listing on Zillow shows that the former brewery is for sale at $575,000.
That's out of my price range, but if anyone wants to go half on it, let's talk.

The former brewery is listed with four bedrooms and four bathrooms with a total of 5,000 sqft.

It sits on one acre of land, as well.

The house comes with plenty of parking. The listing says that it has twenty parking spots so don't worry about friends and family coming over.

Let's take a look at this former West Michigan brewery that is now for sale.

Aspiring Brewer? Closed West Michigan Brewery is Now Up For Sale

Home is where the hops are. This former West Michigan brewery is for sale and could be your next home.

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