Michigan high school sports are back just as the fall semester and sports season begin. That includes football, soccer, and volleyball, all of which will have mask requirements while competing.

The new order states that a face covering must be worn at all times by athletes, unless they can maintain six feet of social distance. Sports like cross country, golf and tennis can go without masks, when they are able to stay apart. Swimmers are the only exception to any coverings.

Earlier this week, the Michigan High School Athletic Association made a statement that game officials for outdoor and indoor sports would not be required to wear face coverings when in active participation and carrying out their duties. The MHSAA had been seeking guidance on what the mask requirements were for athletes, citing contradictions in previous executive orders.

Time will tell if all of these preventative actions are practical when executed, we'll have to wait and see. For more info on this story check it out here.

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