Several historic Michigan lighthouses are up for auction around the state.  The lighthouses have been in disrepair for a while and need new owners who are interested in maintaining or restoring them.  Four of the lighthouses up for auction are:  Grays Reef Light in Bliss Township, White Shoal Light in Emmet County, North Manitou Offshore Lighthouse in Leland, and Gravelly Shoal Light in Au Gres.

All of the opening bids are set at $10,000 with a bid deposit of $5,000.  Only Gravelly Shoal Light has been bid on thus far.  The auction started on the 15th of July and according to the auction website it is scheduled to end when one of two things happen:

  • At the auction close time if no bids (proxy or flat) are placed within the inactivity period, or the auction is not subject to a inactivity period.
  • After the inactivity period has passed without any bids (proxy or flat) being placed.

Proceeds from the public sales go back into the USCG’s aid to navigation fund, a fund that pays for the equipment, maintenance, and resources (fog horns, lights, battery cells, solar panels, etc.) to continue preservation and maintenance of lighthouses that are still active.

Below you can see photos of a few other lighthouses up for Auction.

North Manitou Offshore Lighthouse, General Services Administration Auctions
White Shoal Light, General Services Administration Auctions

If you want more information about the auctions, you can check out the General Services Administration Auctions website.