Officials with US Counter Terrorism claim to know who is plotting the use an explosive, probably a “dirty bomb” carried out in a car or truck.  Officials  say there is at least one U.S. citizen among the three people suspected in the plots to carry out attacks on New York City and Washington DC.

The three men may be traveling to the U.S. or may already be in the country, based on detailed information received by U.S. intelligence.  According to WZZM TV 13, Police in New York and Washington have increased their already-boosted staffing levels.  In New York, authorities have been stopping vehicles at the 59th Street bridge today.  National Guard troops are watching the crowds at Penn Station. In Washington, police officials say officers will be working 12-hour shifts, and every officer will be working this weekend.  Cars that are left unattended in unusual locations may be towed.

The President’s visit to New York’s ground zero, the Pentagon, and Shanksville, Pa., on Sunday is unchanged.  President Barack Obama is urging citizens to “be vigilant”, saying to be aware of your surroundings and report anything that looks suspicious to authorities.  What does suspicious mean?  It’s means be on the look out for for things that do not appear right (and we are not talking about the teenagers downtown on skateboards as they rarely “appear right”)… But things that seem out of the ordinary.

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