If I ever master the art of folding a fitted sheet, I'm pretty sure that it should qualify for some sort of prestigious award, or possibly a Nobel Prize.

I'm convinced that fitted sheets aren't even ever supposed to be folded neatly. Or, at least, I was until I saw this video. And hey, there's even a catchy song to accompany all of the steps! 

The video was put together by a guy named Jonathan Mann, who seems to put together a lot of informative YouTube videos titled "Song A Day". Some are useful, some are silly, and some - like this one - will blow your mind. (This is way better than my "wad it up into a ball and shove it inside of a pillowcase" method.)

I don't think that my dog would help that much, though. He'd likely just try to burrow under the sheet while I was folding it because he's kind of a dick.