Steve found a BuzzFeed quiz that determines whether or not you are a true Michigander by asking you about your knowledge of some local foods.

Before we get into everyone's results, let's just give a little background info.

Connie was born and raised in Michigan but left to move around the country in her 20s, only to return a few years ago.

Curtis was born in Wyoming and lived in Wisconsin for most of his life and has only been in Michigan for a few years.

Steve has lived all 32 years of his life in Michigan, so he should probably do the best on this quiz, right?

Here are the gang's results from the quiz:

  • Connie - 10/10
  • Curtis - 10/10
  • Steve - 9/10

Well, turns out Steve was the only one that didn't get a perfect score!  What the heck? Steve says it's because he misread the first question and thought that it said "pasty" instead of "paczki"....  Sure, Steve.

Click the button below to take the quiz and let us know how you did!

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