15 Words That Have Different Meanings in Michigan
Words are a universal thing that have universal definitions, but sometimes depending on where you are in the world those words can have completely different meanings. Michigan is a unique place with many things that make us stick out from the rest of the country, including certain words...
Do You Know Michigan Foods?
Steve found a BuzzFeed quiz that determines whether or not you are a true Michigander by asking you about your knowledge of some local foods. Before we get into everyone's results, let's just give a little background info. Connie was born and raised in Michigan but left to move around the country in her 20s, only to return a few years ago...
There’s Another Place in G.R. to Pick Up an Authentic Pasty!
I'm a Yooper, born and raised. And as such, I was basically born with a pasty in my hand, so I was pretty pumped to learn that there's another place to pick up a pasty right here in Grand Rapids! Previously, the only places I had found that offer my favorite food from my motherland were Marie Catrib's (but only on Tuesdays), Riverhouse Ada, and frozen at some Meijer stores in the area. But now, yo