15 Words That Have Different Meanings in Michigan
Words are a universal thing that have universal definitions, but sometimes depending on where you are in the world those words can have completely different meanings.
Michigan is a unique place with many things that make us stick out from the rest of the country, including certain words...
How Well Do You Know Your Michigan Foods?
Steve found a BuzzFeed quiz that determines whether or not you are a true Michigander by asking you about your knowledge of some local foods.
Before we get into everyone's results, let's just give a little background info.
Connie was born and raised in Michigan but left to move around the co…
There's Another Place in G.R. to Pick Up an Authentic Pasty
I'm a Yooper, born and raised. And as such, I was basically born with a pasty in my hand, so I was pretty pumped to learn that there's another place to pick up a pasty right here in Grand Rapids!
Previously, the only places I had found that offer my favorite food from my motherland were Marie Catrib'…