A neighborhood in Hudsonville is not unlike most others in the US this time of year. Full of houses decked out for the holidays with lights of many colors, blow-up snow men in the front yard, garland in the windows, and wreaths on the doors. But, it seems that one of their neighbors is unhappy with the holiday cheer.

This "Grinch" as some are calling him, has left notes on mailboxes throughout the neighborhood voicing his displeasure with the displays.

"It started out real nice," Kurt Burns told WOOD TV8.

Hi neighbor. Nice light display. This is a love note.

The note then took a twist, though. Telling them that they were practicing pagan customs and worshiping like heathens.

I don't know about you, but I don't think I've ever thought of Hudsonville as being a very Pagan place. Especially in this neighborhood, where a lot of the parents send their kids to Christian schools.

The note, which was left anonymously, refers to sun worshipers who celebrated with a festival of lights, the Roman God Saturn's nativity birth gifts, and the Norsemen (with their sexually provocative mistletoe and tree worship).

The letter writer calls Christmas a "pagan festival" and suggests Christ has never been part of Christmas.

No one in the neighborhood is quite sure who the letter came from, but many of them, understandably, would like to know.