I’ve recently seen more people discount the idea and power of positivity in our everyday life. I don’t blame them, as the pandemic drags on, and people are now fighting over EVERYTHING - it seems harder to find our positive moments.  But finding something to feel positive or happy about is a necessity to help survive all this unknown.

I had a reminder last night about how important it is to feed your soul positivity. I also now wonder if this is why so many of us are on edge.

Last night I watched around two hours of videos of people freaking out in public. It was entertaining to watch.  Some of the worst displays of anger, hate, ignorance, meanness, that I’ve seen in a while.  Technically, we all get glimpses of it if you watch any news story or just scroll through social media, but to spend two solid hours on it.  I didn’t think much of it last night, but today, I can’t shake this feeling of wanting to punch a hole in the wall, scream at the top of my lungs and just be MAD.

I fully believe it’s because on top of everything else we’re all going through (it’s not a competition, so we don’t need to compare who’s life is worse), but adding two hours of people being miserable and mean, has had quite an effect on me.

I’m not trying to preach “my way” or anything, but I just want to throw out, that I think we all need to realize what we’re feeding our mind each day. Watch the news, but not all day.  Don’t spend the entire day on social media, don’t try to become the most “woke” person out there.  Remember to spend some time filling your soul with some happy stuff as well.

Maybe it’s going on a walk, enjoying nature, or spending a day at the beach. It could be watching cartoons or a comedy movie, or it’s just listening to your favorite music.  Don’t forget to take some time for YOU and to keep your soul from falling into a hole of negativity.  YOU deserve happiness, even if it’s only for a few moments a day. Even “short” walks help you lose weight.  A “short” time away from all the negativity and stress is key to survival.

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