When it comes to restaurant chains, what is your favorite? A survey done by Consumer Picks found that America's favorite is The Cheesecake Factory. I'm assuming it's those giant portions they hook you up with. The Melting Pot & Bonefish Grill round off the top 3 and the seafood chain, Red Lobster came in at #4.

It seems almost everyone has eaten at Red Lobster. Every time I tell anyone that I've never been they look at me with such shock, like I'm some type of crazy person. When asked "why not?" I simply reply that it's because "I don't like lobster". Then comes the lecture about how I'm missing out on their biscuits and unlimited shrimp. Sure, but I've never had it... so I'm not really missing out on much.

This sparked an interesting topic on today's show: is there something that you've never done/tried/seen but it seems almost everyone else has?

We're all out of the loop when it comes to something. These are some of the things people called in to say they have never done:

  • Eaten applesauce
  • Seen any of the Star Wars shows/movies
  • Been to Red Lobster (YES! I'm not alone!)
  • Been to Mackinac Island (which is a rite of passage if you're a Michigander)
  • Been to the Gerald R. Ford Museum

What is something that everyone else has done/tried but you never have?