Ever have random questions pop in your head? It happens to me all the time. Here's the latest.

  • Why do TV remotes still have numbers? You would think they would be mini QWERTY keyboards that would allow you to type in the name of the network you want. Typing in “Travel,” for the Travel Channel, would be easier than trying to remember 1254.
  • Why are highway roads NOT heated? You know, instead of dumping tons of salt, why not kick the heaters on? I know there’s an issue of energy, but could it be naturally produced?
  • Why won’t Taco Bell deliver? I’m hungry and there’s 2 feet of snow blocking my door.
  • You are in the 12 item or less line at Meijer, behind a person who pushes a cart packed full of groceries. What are they thinking?
  • On a more serious side, how is it possible in 2014 that there are still people starving in the world? Ya know? We have SO much food!

I feel better now.

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