Every Tuesday and Thursday I do my segment 'Christine-ology' essentially the study of my brain and sometimes I can't think of just one thing to talk about. Sometimes the stuff that's going on in my head just isn't worthy to be a stand-alone topic, and today's is an example of that.

Well, here we are again. Another day where you get to listen to what’s going on in my head.

Is she going to be bitchy and complain about something


“Will she be suggestive the way Steve seems to get a kick out of?"


“Or will she write a beautifully-written (but kinda creepy) love letter to a grocery store again?”

None of those things. 

I mean, I could tell you about how productive I was yesterday but you don’t want to hear about that. Or I could tell you about how on the daily I daydream about having my own personal hair stylist. Speaking of dream, I had a nightmare last night that one of the characters in General Hospital was trying to kill me cuz I knew his secrets. But I know you guys don’t want to hear about my continued soap opera obsession.

Oh, how about how I accidentally brewed only water when making my coffee? Talk about a disappointment. I also forgot to mention that I finally finished reading the book I talked about last week. It only took over a year, but I guess that’s all it deserves… a mention. 

Sorry, Click of Six, but it seems like a whole lotta nothing’s just made something — today’s Christine-ology.

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Christine-ology is every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 a.m.

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