For months Jeopardy! fans have been waiting to find out who the new host will be. Even if you don’t watch the show, you’ve been keeping up with the news. Then, in a first-ever for Jeopardy!, a scandal broke out when Mike Richards was named as Alex’s Trebek’s replacement. It was back to the drawing board after he was exposed for being a sexist jerk.

But I’ve solved the puzzle as to who should be the new host!

His name is Steve Burns. His name isn’t recognizable the way Alex Trebek is. But the way Alex Trebek is synonymous with Jeopardy!, Steve Burns is synonymous with Blue’s Clues.

Steve came back into our lives after exiting it almost 20 years ago. In honor of the 25th anniversary of Blue’s Clues, Steve delivered a message that hit us so hard in the feels it sent the internet weeping, especially millennials.

To give you a little perspective, Fish & Steve (not that Steve B., our Steve B.) call me heartless but Steve Burns warmed this blue heart of mine. In fact he melted it. I was a ball of emotions watching that video message… reminiscing about my Nick Jr. days and playing along to help solve Blue’s Clues.

In a world full of divide over our differences, Steve united us again by giving us a giant hug that we didn’t know we desperately needed. He gave me props for my accomplishments over the years, sympathized with life being hard, and then he told me I looked great.

I’ve re-watched that video so many times now I’ve lost count.

Who needs a therapist when you have Steve Burns and a handy dandy notebook to write down your feelings into?

So with all that said, I hereby declare that we petition Steve Burns to be our new host of Jeopardy! It only makes sense. Jeopardy! is all about learning and clues. Steve inspired us to think with a playful energy, which is exactly what this next chapter of Jeopardy! needs.

And let’s be honest, the world could really use a clue or two right about now.

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