One of my first ever Christine-ology’s was about having a “Snackccident.” It’s when you’re snacking and before you know it you ate the whole bag of chips.

Last night was no accident though. I was snacking with intent… and, sadly, I failed.

It was around 10pm when the insatiable craving hit me. Not one of those cravings you acknowledge and move on from. I became a woman on a mission. A tiger hunting its prey. Except I was the tiger and ice cream was the prey.

Unfortunately, I had no ice cream in the freezer but I needed to satiate that sweet craving. I settled for the next best thing: frozen lemon bars. While delicious, but, after two it didn’t quite the hit spot.

I started going through the fridge and cabinets – opening and reopening them as if new food was magically going to appear.

Cereal it is. I pour myself a bowl of Rice Krispies, milk, and mixed berries for that sweet factor. I’m practically slurping the milk out of the bowl when I realize that didn’t do it for me either.

Okay maybe this nectarine that's not-that-sweet and kind-of-bitter will do the trick. Not exactly… but that still didn’t stop me from eating it to the pit.

It was like I had no control. I was chasing a flavor high I couldn’t get anywhere else.

I even ate a spoonful of cherry jam hoping it would help.

But nothing worked on my taste buds.

At this point I was eating a bunch of calories for no reason so I decided to call it a night and get ready for bed. At least my mint toothpaste has some sweetness to it, I thought.

So what exactly is the point of today’s ‘Christine-ology?’ To remember to always have your freezer stocked with ice cream.

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