On the Connie & Fish show we started a new segment called Christine-ology. Basically what's going on in my brain... and today wasn't just about what was on my brain but also my belly.

Ahhh the snackccidents.

I come home from work and open the fridge… mmm salsa sounds good. Grab the chips & plop on the couch to watch something on TV. 

Some minutes later… I get up and put the salsa back because now that I’ve had salsa, I have to have guacamole. Half a container later… Hmm… I’m kind of in the mood for something else now. How about pita chips? Or chocolate covered pretzels? Even some cereal sounds good… Mmmm, Lucky Charms.

Before I know it, it’s dinnertime and realize “oops… I just had a snackccident.” 

This is the story of my life and several Americans. 

A new poll, conducted by Chomp Meat Snacks, found that 57% of people say they’ve eaten a full bag of snacks in one sitting and 45% have done what I did — eat a full meal consisting of various snacks. The intention was pure. You only meant to have a small snack to hold you over until dinner but gluttony got the best of you.

The next time you find yourself licking the Cheetos dust off your finger, or wiping the chocolate off your face, just remember the average American experiences 416 “snackccidents” every year. Hopefully this makes you feel somewhat better.

What was your last snackccident? What did you eat? Share your story in the comments, and listen for Christine-ology every Tuesday & Thursday at 7:20 a.m.

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