This is not an endorsement. It’s simply a letter professing my love to the greatest grocery retailer.

Dear TJ,

First off, thank you for existing. Grocery shopping is one of the most vexing tasks of adulting. But you… you make the experience enjoyable thanks to your variety of unique offerings.

Sure, you may not be as big as some of the other guys in the area but I’ve never met anyone like you. I know what to expect when I walk in but at the same time I get surprises along the way.

You add a twist to the mundane foods and offer a range of eccentricity that radiates from one aisle to the next.

TJ’s your name but diversity is your game. From Mexican to Mediterranean munchies, Indian and Cuban cravings, to the Asian and Italian favorites. You make my stomach and my heart equally happy.

Whether it’s as French toast or the bread for my gourmet grilled cheeses, your brioche toast is a simple pleasure of mine.

Your chili-spiced dried mangoes serve as a satisfying sweet and spicy snack that I don’t feel bad about afterwards.

Don’t get me started on your greek yogurt chunky guacamole. Oh my gosh, I can easily eat half the container.

Your turkey corn dogs make a great quick and delicious meal when I don’t feel like cooking.

Your multiple types of pre-made salads and frozen meals are what hits the spot when I’m at work.

The array of sauces and seasoning blends tantalize all of my tastebuds.

And that addicting Sparkling French Lemonade of yours quenches my thirst.

TJ, I could go on and on about everything that I admire and love about you but there just isn’t enough time. So just know that you will always be #1. Until next time.

Yours truly,

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