Chris and his wife, Molly, came in to share their locally made ice cream bars from Ice Box Brand Ice Cream Bars!  The story behind their ice cream bar company is a few fun and cute one, that includes Steve's favorite phrase, "Old Timey!"

Ice Box Brand Ice Cream Bars are bringing five delicious ice cream bars to choose from at Dessert Wars!  You can try Green Dragon, Caramel Cashewlicious, Fancy Pants Raspberry, Summertime S'mores, or Strawberry Lemonade.  Connie recommends the Strawberry Lemonade, Curtis likes the Caramel Cashew and Steve just wants to eat them all!

If you still haven’t picked up your tickets for Dessert Wars 2017, you’ll need to be listening to us tomorrow morning between 9:00-9:30 AM for your LAST CHANCE to win tickets to this SOLD OUT event!  Dessert Wars is this Friday, February 10th at 6:00 PM.

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