If you're one of the many people that has a Netflix subscription, make sure that your account isn't one of the ones affected by this new scam.

Police out of Solon, Ohio posted about it on their Facebook page after one of the officers received this email from "Netflix" that looks totally legit.

The funny thing is the victim doesn't even have an account and still got targeted. Also weird... he doesn't have a Netflix?!?!

Okay, for real though, this isn't the first time a scam like this has made its rounds where a company asks you to update your account details to steal your information, aka 'phishing.' Do NOT click on any links or open any files if you get an e-mail that seems questionable. Netflix asks their customers to report any fraud that comes in the form of a text message or email. Get more info here.

In regards to this particular e-mail, pay attention to some of the details like the fact that it addressed the person with "Hi Dear" and at the bottom an international phone number is listed.

As someone who's gotten legitimate e-mails from Netflix this is what the bottom of all the e-mails look like:

Questions? Call 1-866-579-7172
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This message was mailed to [c******@gmail.com] by Netflix as part of your Netflix membership.
SRC: 12184_en_US

For it being the season of giving, there's lots of grinches out there trying to fool people. In less than a month there have been three different types of scams reported, including a pay for prayers going around West Michigan.