You don't realize how the little things can add up and cause silly arguments with your significant other. But those silly arguments may not be so silly. If you're in a happy relationship and love your partner there are certain "household chores" that you want to avoid doing. OR if you can care less about your relationship, I guess these are the things you can do to ensure a breakup in the future.

A new survey found the five things people do around the house that can potentially end a relationship.

  1. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink or not loading up the dishwasher
  2. Leaving dirty clothes on the floor
  3. Not doing laundry or putting the clothes away after they've been washed
  4. Not mowing the lawn
  5. Not putting together furniture (random)

To be honest, I'm surprised leaving the toilet seat up isn't on the list because that's something that drives me crazy! Just put the darn toilet seat down, it's so simple!

Do you agree with the list? What things cause arguments in your home?

Source: Female First