It's a short road trip to Chicago to visit the first 'Elf'- themed bar. But you better not be on a diet.

A pop-up bar has opened in Chicago that is inspired by Will Ferrell's ''Elf'' movie.

The Stretch Bar and Grill is located on Chicago's North Side. They serve Buddy’s Breakfast Pasta, which has spaghetti, topped with maple syrup, chocolate fudge, and mini marshmallows. I think that was supposed to be a joke in the movie, not something actual humans should be eating.

The bar is open seven days a week and has a 10-foot Christmas tree, an upside down Christmas tree and 1,000 elves of all shapes and sizes. Condiment trays feature the "four main food groups" ... candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup.

And yes, there are times when Buddy the Elf shows up to entertain the kids.

By the way, the bar does have special kid friendly hours, but after 7pm, you must be 21 and up.

Other features this pop up bar doesn't have, but should:

* Your dad denying you're his off-spring.

* A snowball fight where you have to avoid the machine-gun like arm of 'Elf'.

* A sing along to help restore Christmas cheer.

* A  fake Santa that smells of meat and cheese and sits on a throne of lies.

* Zooey Deschanel singing in a shower.

* An angry little person yelling, 'Call me an elf one more time!!'

* Papa Elf struggling to hold you on his lap.

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