This weeks episode was filled with tears, laughs, and tractor races? Yes the "Farmer Bachelor" did not disappoint this week.

So to recap  Episode 1 ended with the 33-year-old Iowa farmer narrowing down his search for love to 22 women. Of course there was a twist one girl Kimberly decided that of course she wasn't ready to end things with him. So she shocked and awed all the girls left but after failing to get a rose, returned to  mansion to ask Chris for a second chance …

Chris didn't know what to do, and turned to host Chris Harrison for help. So, what did Chris Harrison tell him? “No rules, it's your life!” (give me a break)

 Although the other girls in the house weren't not happy about it, Chris welcomed Kimberly back into the house, which then brought the number of contestants back to 23.

Group Date 1: “Show me your country,” the date card read Kimberly (the one almost kicked off, and came back), along with Jade, Tandra, Ashley I., Mackenzie and Tara, headed to downtown Los Angeles to meet up with Chris. They started their date bikini clad in a rooftop pool, then walked the streets of LA in their bikinis to soon find 6 tractors awaiting them for non other than tractor races!

One-On-One Date: Megan landed the first one-on-one date of Season 19. “Love is a natural wonder,” read the date card. So what did Chris aka ABC have in store, a helicopter ride through Cali ending in the Grand Canyon with a picnic lunch awaiting them.
Megan explained that her mom encouraged her to follow her heart and “take a leap of faith.” Chris admitted that she made an “impact” on him that first night, so before handing her a rose and stealing a kiss he said:

“I feel like there is something here and I want to continue to pursue that,” he said before handing her the date rose and stealing a kiss."

Oh how romantic

Group Date 2: The third and final date came with an ominous card – “’Til death do us part.” Amber, Alissa, Ashley S., Britt, Juelia, Becca, Jillian, Kaitlyn, Kelsey, Tracy and Trina headed in a limo to find out how they’d be spending their evening with Chris. This time Chris through out a twist and went a little less romantic, much to the surprise of the 11 girls, Chris took them to a zombie-themed paintball park. Arming them with paintball guns, the bachelor explained that they had to “kill” the zombies and find the beacon to win the game." The group surprisingly managed to survive the zombies, and then celebrated after with a little cocktail party. Chris used the time to speak to the ladies individually, getting closer to Kaitlyn and Britt, while getting a kinda freaked out by Ashley S who was acting a little wonky, Chris sent her home to bed early.

Cocktail Party: Needless to say t hings got interesting at the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party. Since Whitney failed to get a date in episode 2, she stole some time with Chris. Chris continued to get to know the other girls, while Ashley I. revealed a big bombshell to Mackenzie and Megan – she’s a virgin and has never had a boyfriend before. Mackenzie and Megan told her to hold onto that secret, but were surprised when they caught Ashley I. and Chris engaging in a pretty steamy make out session out back. draaaammmaaaa

Rose Ceremony: Only three girls had roses heading into the – Mackenzie, Megan and Kaitlyn. Chris handed his first rose to Britt, followed by Ashley I., Trina, Kelsey, Samantha and Juelia. Chris handed the next few roses to Amber and Tracy. Jillian finally got her rose, followed by Jade, Nikki, Becca, Carly and Whitney. The final rose of episode 2 surprised everyone. Despite exhibiting really bizarre behavior, the rose went to Ashley S., sending Alissa, Tara, Tandra, Jordan and Kimberly home.

Tara left in tears, telling the cameras that her elimination will “haunt” her.


Here's a list in case you're confused of who is left

  • Alissa, 24, flight attendant, Hamilton, N.J.
  • Amanda, 24, ballet teacher, Lake in the Hills, Ill.
  • Amber, 29, bartender, Chicago
  • Ashley I., 26, nanny, Wayne, N.J.
  • Ashley S., 24, hair stylist, Brooklyn, N.Y.
  • Becca, 25, chiropractic assistant, San Diego
  • Bo, 25, plus-size model, Carpinteria, Calif.
  • Britt, 27, waitress, Hollywood, Calif
  • Brittany, 26, WWE diva-in-training, Orlando
  • Carly, 29, cruise ship singer, Arlington, Texas
  • Jade, 28, cosmetics developer, Los Angeles-
  • Jillian, 25, news producer, Washington, D.C.
  • Jordan, 24, student, Windsor, Colo.
  • Juelia, 30, esthetician, Portland, Ore.
  • Kaitlyn, 29, dance instructor, Vancouver
  • Kara, 25, high school soccer coach, Brownsville, Ky.
  • Kelsey, 28, guidance counselor, Austin, Texas-
  • Kimberly, 28, yoga instructor, Long Island, N.Y.
  • Mackenzie, 21, dental assistant, Maple Valley, Wash.
  • Megan, 23, makeup artist, Nashville
  • Michelle, 25, wedding cake decorator, Provo, Utah
  • Nicole, 31, real estate agent, Scottsdale, Ariz.
  • Nikki, 26, former NFL cheerleader, New York
  • Reegan, 28, cadaver tissue specialist, Manhattan Beach, Calif.
  • Samantha, 27, fashion designer, Los Angeles
  • Tandra, 30, executive assistant, Sandy Uta
  • Tara, 26, sport fishing enthusiast, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
  • Tracy, 29, fourth grade teacher, Wellington, Fla.
  • Trina, 33, special education teacher, San Clemente, Calif.
  • Whitney, 29, fertility nurse, Chicago