Today's Christine-ology I have to go what I call a REAL Reality Rant, and I think I make fair points that most people would agree with.

I’m Christine and I am an avid watcher and lover of reality TV… okay, let’s just call it what it is… trash TV. 

I have no shame in my game, but, as much as I love watching these shows I’ve noticed a common, and disappointing, theme throughout them all: everyone looks they just stepped out of a magazine… or in today’s world- out of an Instagram post. 

From the Bachelor franchise, to Real Housewives, Love Island, Love is Blind, and The Circle just to name a few. 

The women are skinny with barely any fat on their bodies, they’ve got hair extensions, fake eyelashes, fake lips, big butts, tiny waists, etc etc etc. Let’s not forget about the men who all just happen to be ripped. 

Granted, over the years society has morphed from what is considered “beauty.” From tall, blonde, and skinny to being more accepting of color and curves. But there’s still a typecast: thicc (with two C’s) in all the right places but with an unrealistic waistline.

Dare I say that Jersey Shore was the only show who actually had real-looking females? Obviously, I’m talking about the early years before they found fame and now have price tags dripping down their face.

But my gripe isn’t just with bodies it’s also with age. Why is it that everyone that gets cast on these shows are 22-27 in age? And when they do cast someone who’s 28, 29, or dare I say it… *GASP*… 30!they automatically get considered the “older one” on the show? 

Where are the real bodies? Let’s see some plus size men and women who aren’t in a race to lose weight. Let’s see dad bods, scars with stories, people over the age of 27, and everyday looking people. We fall in love too.

I may be a small woman in stature but I’ve never seen an ab on my body or a gap in between my thighs. REALITY is I’d be taking my 33-year-“OLD” ass and love handles to Love Island.

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