I'm disappointed to see this, but not surprised, especially with all the other businesses that have had to close in 2020.

It looks like Ming Ten, the huge Chinese buffet located on the Beltline, in the parking lot of Celebration Cinema North, has closed its doors permanently. Ming Ten was the perfect place to stop in before or after a movie and grab some Chinese food, especially since they offered the huge buffet with a supposed 150 items on it.

I first noticed that something was up with the restaurant when I saw a posting on a real estate website for the location that Ming Ten had operated in. When I first checked on it, I noticed the restaurant had tried to stay in business by switching to a take-out/delivery model. So when I saw the listing, I had figured they might just be looking for a smaller location, because without the buffet or inside diners, they really didn't need that vast space, which is just over 9,000 sq. ft.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like it's just a relocation issue.

WOODTV listed the restaurant as one of the 52 businesses we've lost in West Michigan during 2020. In their story, they say the business has officially closed and went up for lease on December 16th.

The listing, through Ben Muller Realty, says the suite is available to someone looking to open a restaurant, or you can lease a smaller part of the suite space. They do say that all the restaurant equipment, furniture, and fixtures are available to the next lessee if they want or need it.

It's going to be weird when the pandemic is over and we're able to live a bit more normal.  A lot of what we're used to doing or going to probably won't be there or look the same. Ming Ten was one of my first lunch spots when I moved here, and then because the buffet was so expansive, it became one of my favorite places to "buffet" before going to see a movie next door at Celebration. Although, after 2020, I'm not sure many buffet places are going to be making a comeback. They kind of go against everything we've learned about health-safety this year.

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