This has been all over Facebook, a $100 bill is left under someone's wiper on their car while it's parked in a public parking lot. The driver notices the bill after she already got in and started the car, she gets out to retrieve it, then someone jumps in her car and drives off. It's on Facebook so it must be true, right?

I did some digging, this is FALSE.

Could it happen? Yes. Really though, anything could happen.

This scam has been reported on by numerous news agencies, yet there's no police record of this ever happening.

So, what gives "news?" Why are you trying to scare us?

You can read one news report here, even the people bringing this up to the media admit it's an urban legend. What ever happened to reporting facts?

You can read more about it on Snopes, where they have officially debunked it, for now, until someone gets the idea to try it.