If you've never worked in the restaurant industry, you are probably pretty trusting when it comes to people handling your food.  If you have worked in the industry, you know that a certain level of disgusting happens in a lot restaurants.

So, how are you supposed to know if the restaurant you are eating at is squeaky clean or a dirty mess?  How about you check their health inspector reports?

That's right, you can check every health inspection result from the restaurant you're eating at.  Some states only make these records public in certain cities or only if the restaurant doesn't pass, but for many states it's public record.

In Michigan, you have a couple of options to look up the restaurant you are eating at.  You can use Sword Solutions Inc or you can find them on Michigan.gov through 2016.  You can also request more recent reports directly from the Michigan.gov website.

You can find out how to search for health inspection reports in other states by checking out this comprehensive list of search tools.

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